The Edgecomb Community Church

Edgecomb Community Church existed as Edgecomb Congregational Church as early as 1783, according to early town records and the journal of Moses Davis, an original member. The first meeting house, now the Edgecomb Town Hall, was built in 1794, and the church held its first services there until the time of the American Civil War. Subsequently, services were held in the central hall on the second floor of the Old Eddy School. The present building, begun in 1877, was dedicated on February 15, 1882. It is in this historic structure the church has met ever since. Our church is on the National Register of Historical Places.

Worship at the church is held on Sunday mornings at 9:30; and is led by Reverend Katherine Pinkham. Sunday School is also held at this time.

Woodwork in Church

Woodwork in Church

The church serves as a gathering place in the community. In addition to holding Church Suppers for Mission Programs and to finance church needs, Edgecomb Community Church also holds community suppers in the fellowship hall to raise money for the local volunteer Fire Department, and families that may be in need due to accident, illness and fires.

The church is also home to a Thrift Shop where every Tuesday afternoon a community meal , for which there is no charge, is served to any who desires good food and good company. Proceeds from the Thrift Shop are put back into the community. In it’s first years, the Thrift Shop was able to donate $10,000 to agencies that help children, elders and teens as well as to the local food pantry, area homeless shelters, Good Shepard Food Bank and the local Fuel Assistance Fund.

Plaque on front of church

Plaque on front of church

Other events held in the church building include Bible Study classes, Summer Suppers, The Greens Luncheon, Yoga Classes and monthly meetings of the Edgecomb Historical Society

Edgecomb Community Church is a very busy place and is mission focused. To address the needs of high fuel costs, in addition to raising money for the local Fuel Assistance Fund, the church has held workshops twice a week to help folks in the community to build window insulation inserts. These and other workshops are free of charge with only a minimal cost to cover materials.

Other areas of support for the church include:

  • One Great Hour of Sharing
  • Neighbors in Need
  • HEIFER International
  • Maine Seacoast Mission
  • Pilgrim Lodge