Serve the Church

A great way to feel connected and to make friends is to do something you love that supports the ministries of the church. Here are just a few ways to be part of Edgecomb Community Church: 

Help in Sunday school: Once a month or once a quarter assist our Sunday school teachers.

Visit an elder: Spend time with a homebound senior who would love the company and companionship.

Be a liturgist: Read the Sunday morning scripture and help lead worship.

Be a greeter and usher: Be the face of God for another person just walking into the building for the first time.

 Make food: If you enjoy baking and creating meals, put your skills to work by making a dessert for coffee hour, a casserole for our summer suppers or a meal for those who are recently home from the hospital or are newly grieving.

Tend the garden: Our six beds and one canoe gardens, provides fresh veggies and flowers for our community lunches, summer suppers and neighbors.

Tend the grounds: Get some sunshine, fresh air and exercise mowing the lawns in the summer or clearing and sanding the walkways in winter.

All-Church Work Day: Twice a year we tend to the seasonal needs of the buildings and grounds, clean, and make light repairs to our historic and beloved 19th century building—new friendships, lunch, and laughter are side benefits for all who attend!

Committees and ministries: We have a number of more formal leadership opportunities, many of which are open to newcomers. All of our meetings except for Deacons are public, and we encourage anyone to come to witness and be part of the decision-making and visioning of our community. Our committees and teams include (star indicates you must be a formal member to serve):

*Board of Deacons

*Church Council



*Mission Outreach