Church Leadership

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Our Pastor

The Search Committee is working on filling the new pastor position. Pulpit supply ministers will be helping out until the position is filled.

Church Coordinator
& Church Clerk

Marjorie DiVece of Wiscasset has been a long-time member of the Edgecomb Community Church.  Recently retired as a Bowdoin College cook, she has joined with the pastor to coordinate the church’s weekly activities and administrative responsibilities.  Marjorie will be the contact person for updating the church’s web site and for newsletter contributions.  She can be reached at the church’s email address: [email protected] or [email protected] 

Marjorie also acts as hostess for the weekly coffee hours which allows her to use her cooking skills for supplying the many tasty offerings.  Her other interests include singing, knitting & crocheting, swimming and hiking.  Her husband Phil DiVece is a local journalist, and they have three children and three grandchildren.

Portrait of Majorie DiVece


A portrait of a man
Thomas Boudin, CPA

Church Council

  • Church Coordinator Marjorie DiVece
  • Trustee Dick O’Connor
  • Deacon Joanne O’Connor
  • Busy Hands Coordinator Pam Soule
  • Trustee Dick O’Connor
  • Thrift Shop Coordinator Sue Sikes
  • Treasurer Thomas Boudin

Board of Trustees

  • Dick O’Connor
  • Thomas Boudin
  • Gail Boudin
  • Jeffrey Sewall


  • Joanne O’Connor
  • Carol Colby
  • Marie Cooper
  • Marjorie DiVece
  • Madeline Olney
  • Sue Sikes
  • Gail Boudin, Sub

Church Committees

Mission Outreach Committee: Gail Boudin, Rose Young, Ginny Kroitzch, Marjorie DiVece, Pam Soule

Stewardship Committee: Dick O’Connor, Susan Greene, Gail Boudin

Pastoral Relations Committee: Susan Sikes, Carol Colby

Nominating Committee: Marjorie DiVece